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Gas services including gas lines and gas valves installation and repair. Installation of new gas lines and valves and repair of gas leaks.

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Our gas services and gas line repairs

We provide gas services such as hooking up dryers, ranges, BBQ’s, firepits, and fireplaces and running new lines to get gas to these kinds of appliances. We fix gas leaks after they’ve been located and install new gas valves.

Gas services and repair on your property

Gas provides clean-burning energy for cooking our food, drying our clothes, heating our bath water, washing our dishes, and warming our hands. We can run gas from your main service from the city to pretty much any place in your house or on your property. Gas lines can be run in galvanized pipe, black pipe, polyethene (P.E.) pipe, and corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). We can run them through crawl spaces, overhead, and underground to connect outdoor barbecues and firepits, ranges for kitchen remodels, and to new locations for dryers and water heaters.

How to Spot a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks can occur in all kinds of places due to faulty equipment or poorly fitted appliances.  Some signs that you might have a gas leak include a hissing sound, a mist or a light fogginess, or even the smell of something some might describe as rotten eggs. This is another scent of gas leaks. You should be aware of the gas lines on your property and know that some lines are hidden in tight spaces or even under shrubs and plants. Gas leaks usually happen when the natural gas that flows within pipes seep into open areas, outside of the safety of a gas pipe. The reason we take gas leaks so seriously is that of the methane in gas is an asphyxiant and will push oxygen out of your space which can be extremely dangerous if you are sleeping or unaware of the leak.

Methane is also extremely flammable. If you have pipes that are much older, they can become bent, warped out of shape, and even crack. The broken or cracked pipeline will expose the older gas lines, increasing the odds of gas leaks. Additionally, older pipes are usually not up to the materials required for new installations. Let our team at True Plumbing repair your gas leaks so you don’t lose a minute of sleep over something that professionals can handle easily.

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