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Project Description

Solving pinhole leaks and slab leaks with single line reroutes and whole house repiping of hot and cold water lines in either PEX or copper pipes.

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When is it time for repiping in my home?

When your trusty old water pipes let you down with pinholes leaks in the walls or slab leaks under your foundation or front yard, it’s time for some new water lines. Once your leak is located, we will set to work in replacing the older copper or galvanized pipes. We will never sell you on something you don’t need. If we can solve a pinhole leak or slab leaks, we will. If there is a need to repipe the entire home with newer, more sustainable and safer pipes, we will definitely suggest this. If we see that your pipes are only going to fail again in the future, we will suggest what we believe is the most cost effective and safest way to go.

What does PEX mean?

PEX is a pipe that stands for cross-linked polyethene. There are different PEX brands out there by the pipe itself is a plastic tubing originally made for drinking systems.  It can be used for those homeowners who want a pipe that quiets the sound of the water flowing through. Uponor PEX is a high-quality brand that comes with a two-decade manufacturer’s warranty and has become more mainstream for repiping hot and cold water lines in homes.

How long does repiping my entire house take?

Typically, a job can run about two to four days. We won’t leave you without water, however. That being said, every household has different needs and timelines, so we can only give you an estimate after we’ve given a proper assessment. If we can solve the problem with the quicker, less expensive single line reroute, we, of course, wish to accommodate. This will almost always work on the pinhole leaks and slab leaks. In some cases, however, there will be instances where your old pipes are just ready for a change. If that is the case, we will give you the best estimate we can and help you on your way to a leak free, safer piping system. Let our team at True Plumbing Inc. take a look at the leaks and see how soon we can get your problem fixed.

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